The Bizzare of Friendship

He is my best friend,she is my best friend and as such I can’t do without him.He/she is my best companion and as such,I need to tell him/her everything that pertains to my life.

Should this form of association be encouraged?what happens when friendship turn sour?

Let’s come to think of this,have you ever been betrayed by someone close to you?someone whom you confide in?or have you been in a situation whereby your best friend hurt you the most?

Well,all these and many more questions keep running through my mind this afternoon as I hold my writing material to pen down this emotional piece.

Needless to say,despite the fact that we have some friends that really worth it,same way we have some terrible friends who acts true to your face but goes behind your back to destroy you.

When you have friends that tells you that you both should face the East to pursue a common goal and secretly,such a friend goes south to pursue the same goal,then I want you to know that such a friend is a true replica of a bad friendship.

The truth about friendship is never to expect too much,never to rely nor trust,but instead,the best is to live each and every day as it comes.

This article is borne out of an inspiration that comes from the author himself and it is in lieu of this article that the wake up call have come to all and sundry to analyse and watch closely whoever we associate with.

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