Why Engage in Pointless Arguement??

Written and Published by Adebusoye Adeleke,5th March ,2019 GMT 10:32AM

In a multi-faceted world in which we found ourselves,we have several encounters with people of varying opinion on daily basis.

Some people argue facts out,even when the situation appears gloomy.

These set of people devise strategies to win over an arguement and they don’t care whether they are wrong in the first instance.

Why do or should we engage people in pointless arguement when we know that such a person won’t yield to someone’s opinion.

When people argue,they try to make case for or against something/ someone.They devise all strategies into ensuring that the other party’s point is baseless.

The fact remains that even in the arguments,one person will always be right.We see an instance whereby two good friends offend each other.Rather than for one party to rightly admit that he or she is wrong,the reverse is the case and even will go to the extent of saying that he or she will never make peace with his friend.

Why must you argue?what is the rationale behind the pointless argument?if he or she will not agree with you,then gladly own up and walk away rather than the usual exchange of words.

I visited a family of three yesterday and after the preparation of the morning breakfast,the wife find it hard to dish her husbands food.she called on him to come and dish it himself.

This singular statement got the man angry and they began to exchange words.Instead of the wife to admit that she is at fault,the reverse was the case as she started raining curses on her hubby.

Several authors and scholars have come up with their own version and definition of what really an arguement should be.

In the words of Robert Quillien,he said ‘discussion is an exchange of knowledge while an arguement is an exchange of ignorance.

According to Bill Murray,he said that it is hard to win an arguement with a smart person,but it is near impossible to win an arguement with a stupid person.

Having critically analysed our topic of discuss,I think it would be pertinent for me at this juncture to conclude that the aim of arguement,or of discussion should not beĀ  victory,but progress.Let’s learn to admit and say sorry to our colleague even when they are the first to offend us.

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