5 foods to avoid if you want a flatter Stomach

Are you doing ab workouts left and right, but aren’t seeing any results?

Well, the saying “abs are made in the kitchen,” is definitely true! You can do all the crunches and planks you want, but if you don’t eat the proper foods, very little will change.

The problem is, many people don’t realize that the foods they’re eating are actually terrible for getting a flat stomach.

So, what foods should you avoid?

Read on to learn about the top 5 foods to avoid if you want a flatter stomach.

1. Cheese

Many people eat cheese for every single meal.

Unfortunately, this delicious food isn’t doing much for your stomach.

In a recent study, scientists discovered that a diet containing high levels of medium-form triglycerides help get rid of belly fat. Unfortunately, these aren’t the triglycerides that you find in cheese.

Cheese contains long-form triglycerides.

So, try to avoid cheese as much as possible.

And, when you do eat it, make sure you go for the natural stuff. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s totally worth it.

2. White Flours and Wheat

White flours and wheat are perhaps the biggest culprits when it comes to retaining belly fat.

Plus, white flours and wheat are often a part of dishes where a decent portion of salt is added. And salt, although not a contributor to belly fat, can make you extremely bloated. Read here to learn how to get rid of bloating fast.

This means you need to avoid things like pasta, pastries, bread, cookies, and rolls.

If you feel like you can’t completely give up your beloved bread, at least switch to whole grain products, as these are much better for you.

3. Soda

There is pretty much nothing about soda that makes it healthy for you, so it should be no surprise that it’s one of the worst things to consume if you want a flatter stomach.

Soda is loaded with processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup, and really, not much else.

And, don’t think that drinking diet soda is the answer to all of your problems, as this is just as bad for your belly.

If you want something to sip on, but can’t stand the thought of drinking plain water, try teas or fruit-infused waters.

4. Processed Meats

There’s a lot of debate out there as to whether meat, in any form, is healthy for you or not.

But, one thing that’s undebatable is how terrible processed meat is for your body.

Processed meats, such as bacon, pepperoni, and many packaged types of meat, contain insanely high amounts of saturated fat. And, saturated fat is one of the biggest contributors to belly fat.

To get your protein fix, stick to lean meats like chicken, and seafood like salmon or tuna. And, try to buy organic whenever possible.

Or, you can avoid meat altogether and substitute it with things like beans, legumes, eggs, or nuts.

5. Salad Dressing

Salad dressing is perhaps the “sneakiest” of unhealthy foods, as so many people don’t realize that it’s bad for you.

If you make a salad, and then douse it in ranch, you are pretty much canceling out the benefits of that salad.

What’s so bad about salad dressing?

Store bought ones often contain extremely high amounts of sugar (yes, sugar) and saturated fats, and they’re also extremely high in calories.

Obviously, no one wants to eat a bowl of plain veggies. So to spruce up your salad, try making a dressing at home.

Cut out these 5 foods from your diet, and you’ll be be well on your way to a flatter stomach!

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