The seed of Time

I can achieve this,I can achieve that,it’s one hundred percent certain that I must achieve all I desire in Just a single day.

The big question is that don’t you think some effort don’t just yield result in a day?or don’t you know that some seeds don’t just germinate in a day?

Life is like a seed,it grows overtime.The little effort we put into that which we work towards really matters alot such that in no distant time,such effort will yield positive result.

Here we are,Here we are in life filled with opportunities and great moments.But does these opportunities come just like that?does these opportunities come just in a twinkle of an eye?

Well,I can boldly tell that for you to be successful in life,it takes time,persistence and great endurance.

Like the adage which says ‘No pain,no gain’ is the direct interpretation whereby the pain of today is the gain of a better tomorrow.

We have alot of scholars who as part of perseverance fought ,struggled and they are celebrated today.Scholars like Socrates,Thomas Edison (The man who invented the electric light bulb,Elvis Presley,Jack London who submitted his first story 600 times before being accepted by a publisher and lastly Steven Spielberg who after high school,was rejected three times from the University of Southern  California school of theatre,film and television,subsequently dropped out and pursue directing without a degree.

Even inlieu of the above,I believe that it will be right if you agree with me that behind every successful man,there is a lot of unsuccessful years.

Seeds dont just germinate,it takes nurture,care and optimism and before you know it all,you are already harvesting.

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