Daddy Freeze Reacts After Prophetess Told Members They’ll Not Make Heaven If They Take Vitamin C

Controversial Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze has reacted to the prophetess who claimed that those who take vitamin C will not make heaven.

Daddy Freeze
Daddy Freeze, one of Nigeria’s most controversial On Air Personalities, has reacted after a prophetes  warned her church members against taking Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Titus fish.
We had reported earlier that the prophetes, in a viral video, advised her congregants against eating Titus fish and taking Vitamin C, warning that they will not make heaven if they do so.
She said that those still in the habit of taking Vitamin C and enjoying Titus fish must go for deliverance.
According to her, vitamin C and Titus fish are got from the deep sea which is marine kingdom, and people who take such need deliverance before they can make heaven.
She had said, “If you continue taking Vitamin C you can’t make, how can you make? Unless you stop it and do your deliverance. Is it not ascobic acid? Ascobic acid is not produced anywhere on earth. Ascobic acid come direct from the deep sea. Some of you still enjoy Titus fish.
“You can’t make heaven while you are still eating Titus fish. You can’t make heaven. You must go for deliverance.”
Freeze took to Instagram to react to the sermon, describing the woman as an ignorant dingbat behind a pulpit.
He wrote, “What an ignorant dingbat behind a pulpit….You can’t make heaven if you use vitamin C? You can’t make heaven if you eat Titus fish???? WTF.”
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