The Big win!

Written and published by Adebusoye Adeleke 17th July, 2019. GMT 16:04

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a winner? Or have you ever find yourself in a situation whereby you were expecting a loss and you end up winning?have you for once imagined the joy associated with winning?or what does it take to be a winner and what are the perogatives and pre requisite needed inorder to achieve the big win???

Well,if you have really taken your time to brood on the aforementioned questions,then you have actually solved almost 95% of the problems associated with or hindering the big win.

Successful people have their own unique way of dealing with problems.where others see impassable barrier,they see  challenges to face and obstacles to beat.They do not allow their confidence to falter in the face of negativity which holds back so many sensible people from.

Inorder to achieve the big win,the following factors must be put into consideration.

(1) Pessimism: Being pessimistic will only bring you down.when you feel negativity radiating from someone else,distance yourself from that individual.

(2) Age : successful people will vouch for the old saying that age is just a number.Never let age define who you are or allow it to set boundaries for you.Never let people tell you that you cannot do something because you are either too old or too young for it.if you allow your passion to be your guide,there will  be no stopping you.

(3) Fear : fear is nothing more than an emotion that is triggered by your vivid imagination.if you allow fear to hold you back, you will never be able to accomplish anything meaningful

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