In The world of Oblivion…….

Written and published by Adebusoye Adeleke 6th August, 2019. GMT 03.30AM

Here comes yet another trivial topic of discussion.The word ‘oblivion’ cut across several areas and it has several meaning.

Oblivion is the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around someone.It could also mean a state of being completely forgotten or the state of being completely destroyed.

Why do people quiz and question you on a particular subject which they already have a first hand knowledge about,pretending to know nothing about it?why is it that people snub you when you are trying to make your own opinion known in lieu of an accusation engineered by such a person to your discredit?

Why is it that the so called friend you have go behind you to destroy you?so is it true that we should not try to believe that we can please everybody?.

At this junction, I think that I will be justified if I say that human requests are insatiable,same way human wants are insatiable.

Imagine you have a boss who instructs you to carry out a particular assignment which must be done on daily basis.And just in the fourth week in which you have been working diligently, he calls you into his office and begin to give you some sort of unbearable insult,saying that he does not or cannot remember giving such an assignment to you and even go further by issuing you a query which you must respond to within 48 hours.

Like I always say, alot of waters have passed under the bridge,alot of wives have thrown their husband into a state of oblivion, such that the husband do not know what happens even in the supposed home in which he is the breadwinner.

I remember vividly some years back when I embarked on a journey from Akure to Lagos,a man saw his wife off to the park.she was going to Lagos.

Soon after the bus finished loading,we embarked on the journey.

And to my greatest surprise,,when we got to Ijebu Ode,this woman was calling another man to come and pick her when she get to the park in Lagos.

The man asked about her husbands whereabout and she told him that he has gone back home(Akure) with the kids and that he won’t suspect their own affair, adding that she will spend two nights with him.

She told the man that she had already convinced her husband that she will stay with one of her female friends in town.

From the above,we can easily deduce that the husband is completely unaware and unconscious of what is happening with his wife’s secret activities.

Alot of people are lost,so many have been swindled and  dispossessed of their valuables because they lack knowledge.

In my own submission, I want to believe that we should not trust too much.We should try to always weigh the intricacies to all stories or happenings knowing fully well that there are two sides to a coin.( the true and the untrue).

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