BBNaija Pepper Dem Friday Gists And All You Need To Know…

Sit down,and enjoy all the gists from Friday in the Big brother house ……

Housemate Gedoni seemed to be in a good mood and had a conversation with Joe about emotions in the game. Gedoni says he allowed his emotions to get the better of him in the game and he got attached to one person. He says he is back to status quo.

The boys while discussing also mentioned that Esther and Diane’s friendship is one of convenience.


Omasola and Frodd got into an argument over eggs.

 Esther had hidden some eggs meant for the whole house and Omashola was upset about it. Frodd decided to play devil’s advocate by fighting on Esther’s behalf. The heightened temper might be because of the previous fight they had over Venita ……


In preparing for the football season, housemates were given jerseys for the SuperSport Activity Task.The game was to be played in their original teams i.e. . Team Icons and Team Cruisetopia.
The first part of the task was a fun football puzzle while the second part was football in the garden with Joesph Yobo and Moses Praiz. Joseph told them to keep their eyes on the prize because they were there to win but also not forget the importance of friendship and the friends they make and advised them to enjoy the moment and have fun.

Moses told them to build on the fame from the platform and invest in it.

Alex Iwobi also had a special message for the housemates.

Team Cruisetophia won the the SuperSport Activity Task. 

After that, they had the Munch It Task which involved buzzing the Munch it Vending machine in the garden at the sound of the buzzer. The winner of this challenge would get a prize of N50,000.


Towards evening, Joe and Tacha got into a fight. She kept calling him stupid and Joe kept provoking her by asking that she repeat the insult meted to him. He walked up to her and sat by her side then she hit slapped him which resulted in a scratch on his arm.


When it was time for the Arena games, the task brief read that the housemates were to donate 3 personal items for the arena games and 20 Bet9ja coins as participation fee and any person that failed to do so wouldn’t participate in the games. The brief further said that for those without Bet9ja Coins (they could play the game) but that meant they would owe Biggie 20 Bet9ja Coins.

The arena game was played according to the teams they were earlier divided into. Team Cruisetophia and Team Icon. The arena game was considered as their weekly wager challenge winning task. The winning team takes the shopping basket for the week and the losing team is going to be left hungry next week. The winning team also gets extra 20 Bet9jaa coins.

Omashola won the arena games and he got 400 Bet9ja coins while Elozonam came second place and won for himself 200 Bet9ja coins. Team Cruisetophia was the winner of the Arena game, in turn the winner of weekly wager challenge and in additional to their win, each team member got 20 Bet9ja coins each.


Frodd, Sir Dee, Joe, Mike, Tacha, Omashola, Enkay, Elozonam and Jackye flaunted the rule given by Biggie during the preparation for the Super Sport Activity Task that the two main bedrooms were out of for the duration of the task. For breaking the rules, they won’t be allowed to participate in the Veto Power Challenge and the Head of House games.

A lot of argument occurred after the Arena games. There was argument between the two teams in the house because Omashola said that Ike allowed the other team win with his disqualification despite the fact that they also had weak links. Omashola snubbed Venita when she tried to talk to him and find out if he really said what he said about Team Cruisetophia.


Gedoni and Khafi got into another argument/fight in the house. Khafi was accused of using her closeness with Gedoni to steal designs. Gedoni’s team (the girls) told him they don’t want Khafi around their team because they think she’s the snitch that stole design ideas for the OPPO Runway show. She got angry because they called her a liar as she denied the accusations…

Friday ended in fights and divided camps….
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