You Can Insult Me, But Don’t Spread False News About Kaduna: El-Rufai Warns

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has issued out another warning to people who report fake news about Kaduna State.

Recall that yesterday, the governor at a book launch warned people who spread fake news about Kaduna State on twitter to be careful of what they write as he is watching to punish them.

In a new development, a Twitter user identified as Chuks Akunna called the governor a liar for claiming to have created 50 thousand jobs.

Reacting to this, the governor expressed that calling him a liar is not a crime but inciting violence in Kaduna State via social media post is a crime.

See his tweet below:

Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai


Calling a person (including @elrufai) a liar in itself is not a crime in Kaduna State. Just post some fake pictures, videos or words that amount to injurious falsehood leading to disruption of our State’s peaceful coexistence and you will have our undivided attention. Go on, try! 

Chuks Akunna@akunnachux

Gov @elrufai says he’ll come after people who aren’t careful about what they say about his govt. Well, here I am. How can he claim 50k jobs when the coy his partnering with (Arla Foods, the biggest dairy coy in Scandinavia) has less than 20k workers? Liar! 

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