Young Men are getting broke because they play the role of a Husband too early

A lady named Lorita Ahmed on Twitter disclosed that young men these days are getting broke because they play the role of a husband too early.

I stand to be corrected but I think Young men are getting broke bcus they play the role of a husband too early. Am I right or wrong? – she wrote.

She believes young men are broke because they are shouldering the responsibilities of the lady they are dating, playing the role of a husband even when they are not married yet.

Though a lot of people responded to the tweet and these are some of the response.

Tonye wrote – You are wrong.

Most young men are simply irresponsible.

Prince wrote – Its the real fact. Ladies want to be provided by the boyfriend or else they move.

Yusuf said It is not even abt playing the role too early. We spend more than we earn and we go for ladies that we can’t afford. If my monthly earning is 100k, I can spend 20k-30k on a lady and i won’t be broke. I won’t spend the same amount if i earn 30k monthly.

Danvice also comment with – True…

I’m broke right now.. I played the role of a husband/father to her.. And at the end she still left….

Look at me… I dnt have to up to 4k in my acct.. #Life story#

Glow wrote – I think that’s true. I think people should rather get married or just stay at home with their parents until they’re married.

See the screenshot of the tweet below:

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