Did Ooni's New Bride resign her spiritual faith to the throne?

Did Ooni's New Bride resign her spiritual faith to the throne?

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Getting married to one of the most powerful and influential kings in Africa at the age of 25 is a big feat worthy of celebration by any young and eligible spinster.

But what prophetess Moronke Naomi Silekunola, the new bride of Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, is yet to clarify for her teeming spiritual followers is her complete submission to the dictate of culture that questions her faith.

The bride is one of the most respected evangelists who holds on tenaciously to the biblical injunction and preaches the doctrine of Jesus at En-herald Interdenominational ministry located in Akure.

This partly accounted for the curiosity and agitation that trailed the news of her engagement to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi who got married for the second time on the throne.

However, the rites of marriage that finally ushered the prophetess to matrimony have remained a topical issue that beget some irreconcilable explanations which tend to unify what she preaches and what she did to formalise her union with the monarch.

Notable part of the rites that have kept the tongues wagging was her crossing over the flowing blood and readiness to change her title from prophetess and evangelist to 'Yeye Oosa' just as it is mandatory for every wife of Oonirisa to be addressed.

An Akure-based Prophet, Solomon Ekundayo bared his mind on the controversy.

"The position of the Bible is clear and sacrosanct. Nobody, culture or belief can alter it. The only blood we believe in as Christians is the blood of Jesus Christ.

"I can't condemn her decision but all I know is there is no how you will be in Christ and yield yourself to the dictate of any traditional rites. God is never an author of confusion.

"On the issue of her change of title, it really calls for concern. Although, it is the heart that matters, but where is the message we are preaching? Where is the faith and what is God saying about us, his servants?" He questioned.

Emmanuel Bamidele, an historian also shared his view on the matter.

"I think the monarch is bringing the historical importance of Ile-Ife as a cradle of Yoruba and it's tradition of great values into disrepute and very needless controversies here.

"The highly referred Oonirisa hasn't done well with the manner he agog the social media with the traditional rites of a royal wedding of this nature. Yes, we may say we are in era of civilization but efforts to safeguard and protect our cultural and traditional values must at all times be maintained and strengthened.

"Traditional marriage rites of this nature is not for public consumption and considering the Caliber of the woman she is getting married to. He should have thought of her spiritual status as a prophetess and evangelist. What does he expect people to say about her?

"The simple truth is that the evangelist and prophetess" as she is popularly known has embraced tradition in place of a white man's religion (Christianity) for now.

"I am afraid she won't be given the luxury of her evangelistic prowess in her present condition and for the fact that she is the only Olori with the Oonirisa now." He noted.


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