God gave me a perfect fat leg to carry my big behind ----Nkechi Blessing Sunday

God gave me a perfect fat leg to carry my big behind ----Nkechi Blessing Sunday

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ALLI, Mutiat

………I look forward to playing a mad woman role-Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Endowed actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday spoke with MUTIAT ALLI about her supposed big size, falling off the stage at the recently held City People Movie awards, her supposed beef with Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim, her dream role amongst others.

What is your new movie Unsane about?

The movie is about a particular guy who has medical issues but his not aware of it, most time he acts like a complete idiot; even though I am not willing to give out much about the coming movie until its out but meanwhile it’s a fantastic movie Nigerians should look out for because it’s going to make you stay glued to your TV from start to finish.

Why the title Unsane and not Insane?

Well because of the purpose of the storyline, using Insane as the title will not be appropriate because Insane in actual sense means a complete mad man while as regards our own title which is Unsane is that fact the character in the movie is normal but sometimes act weird; that is the plot twist in the movie. I will have gone for the title ‘Complete Idiot’ but I wanted something unique and a straight title.

So what is the language structure of the movie?

The movie is shut in complete English language because I don’t think we spoke up to 10% of Yoruba through-out the shooting. It’s just time to up the game in the industry and we seriously getting there.

Is it a cinema Job?

For now I can’t say that but since we commence shoot, I can see that I am shooting a huge project that needs huge viewings which might be going to cinema.

What is the estimated budget of this movie?

Quite a lot of money; so I can really put a peg amount on it. We have spent a lot and still spending.

A lot of people a times consider you as upcoming artiste; how do you when such comments are passed towards you.

I get that a lot but am not actually moved by that because as long as people appreciate my creative process, I am good to go as I won’t allow such compliment to deprive me of giving my best at all time. I have been in the industry for quite sometimes now, precisely between 2008-2009. I have been in the industry for say 10 years, so if you are in that category of people that still tag me upcoming that mean you have not been watching well. It took me a lot of hardwork to be where I am today and I appreciate God almighty for his immense grace.

It took you seven years to be known after your movie ‘Omoge Lekki’ pushed your face out, what do you think you did right now?

For me I think social media really helped my career a lot most especially the instagram platform because I talk a lot on social media and maybe that is more the reason a lot of people have tagged me drama queen which I don’t care as long as I am getting the attention that I need.

They say when a lady is been tagged a drama queen and when she eventually gets into a serious relationship, she tend to mellow down; are you emotional?

I am drama queen when it comes to everywhere that is when I am on set or off set because I don’t like to be cheated but that does not mean I am not submissive or I can’t be tamed.

So what can someone do to tame a person like Nkechi?

Maybe 500Million naira

You are blessed physically, how do you feel when you walk around and people tend to complement you based on your back side?

The honest truth is that I am used to such complement because even while we were filming a street scene and I was required to walk around; a lot of passer’s by was just screaming but because such is already part of me I did not mind because I won’t remove that part of my body.

Don’t you sometimes feel embarrassed when the compliment is too getting too much?

Never!! Because I know I have got a beautiful behind and I can’t be unhappy with what God gave me.

How do you feel when people tend to appreciate your curves more than the beauty itself?

They have no choice than to see the curves before the beauty because it is obvious and cannot be hidden; you cannot hide God’s blessings and I am very comfortable with it at all time. I have always been comfortable with my body from day one. While I was growing up, I was very skinny but a very big ass and now while growing up, I have a bigger body and all my body parts rhyme together and the fact is God gave me a perfect fat leg to carry the big behind.

You fell at the City people Movies award; how did that happen?

My colleague Jumoke Odetola won the Best actress category which I was equally nominated too, so I went on stage to cheer her up and while coming down the stairs and I don’t know where a glass cup came from and it gave me a cut on the leg.

How did you now feel that after the fall, the next category that was called, you won?

That is what I call grace because when I took a fall, the award rose me up.

Didn’t you feel embarrassed when you fell?

I was not because with the blood stain on my leg, I walked majestically to the stage to receive my award because when I fell, I thought it was normal but it was not as so many enemies were in front of me who did not even stand up to assist me. Those that I know and won’t like to mention their names were even laughing at me.

A lot of people were of the opinion that at the point comedian Woli Arole slapped you; a miracle venza car came in for  you?

Woli Arole is my very good friend and to correct that impression, I bought my car in the US and it took two month to get to Nigeria. All the while my car was on the way and the slap came in between, so for people to say that it’s just normal.

What is your present relationship with Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim after you both had a social media argument?

I have apologized to her and moved on but she blocked me and that’s her business. I am at peace with myself because I did apologize and she never accepted it.

Have you met her before?

Not at all

Do we see a case where you can invite her to your movie set?

Off course I will if she answers

Do you still have a dream role you want to play?

Yes and that is the role of a mad woman because I want to portray myself as a versatile actor; I have played quite a lot of roles and also I look forward to playing a ghetto kind of role where I will showcase the rough side of me.

What will you consider the most interesting part of your job?

There are a lot but the one I appreciate more was when I paid in dollars in the movie ‘Ghost and the Tout’ as produced by Toyin Abraham.

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