GRAPHIC: Woman axes husband to death over Christmas gift

It was a black Christmas in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Anesu Mafokosho and her husband, Vitalis Mudhumo (26) had just returned from Christmas shopping on December 24.

The two drove to Edgars Mutare where they bought their three-year-old daughter’s clothes.

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On arrival at home, the accused person’s young sister was at home in the dining room. She heard the couple arguing outside the yard for about 45 minutes.

Moments later they got into the house and entered their bedroom.

All hell broke loose in the bedroom after the deceased started packing his clothes saying he was moving out.

His wife begged him to change his mind. The situation degenerated into chaos resulting in the accused person axing the deceased three time on the neck.

Immediately she committed the offence, Mafokosho sent a message to her younger sister advising her to see what she had done in the bedroom and then she left the house.

The sister went into the bedroom only to find the now deceased bleeding profusely and convulsing on the bed.

Manicaland police spokesman Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said Mudhumo’s body was taken to Mutare Provincial Hospital for post mortem.

Reports have that the couple had an unresolved marital dispute that was threatening the marriage.

The accused is still on the run, and investigations are in progress.

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