I Came To Steal Money But A Spirit Entered Me - Thief Caught With Underwear Confesses (Photos)

A criminal has been arrested by residents of a community after finding under wears in his possession. 

The armed robber after he was caught
A notorious thief has landed in serious trouble after he was apprehended stealing panties, bras, cream, ear rings, soap, cash among other items.
The sad incident took place in the eastern part of the country.
When quizzed by those who nabbed him why he stole the panties and bras in particular, the suspect said he doesn’t know why he stole them.
He said he went to a house to steal only money but didn’t know the spirit that entered into him which made him to steal the underwear.
The serial thief said the panties and bras are of no use to him but decided to keep them in his house.

The suspect was later handed over to the police.
Watch video below:

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