Do you share water bottles?

I have a thing against sharing water bottles. I can make exemptions for close friends but that’s where it ends if I am not ready to sacrifice my bottle and if it’s not an emergency. The way I see it is if I can’t imagine kissing anyone they don’t have no business with my water bottle. It’s just too personal for me. I could also make exemptions but then again, people don’t know how to drink from someone’s bottle. People with flu would even go ahead to borrow someone’s water.
In my former office I usually buy two bottles because some of my colleagues would spend more than N1,000 on lunch yet wait at the cafeteria to share someone’s water bottle or sometimes they just drink without their permission. They could just come to your table to have a sip and your bottle starts getting passed around to every thirsty person.

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When the bottle is returned to you its normal for a germ aversive person to see things in the bottle’s mouth like lipstick stains, palm oil and sometimes bits of food in the water. Ewww.
Are you a non-sharer or you don’t mind?
Meanwhile, someone on my Instagram Page said we are hypocrites for indulging in oral sex yet refusing to share water bottles. I’m wondering how both are the same thing.

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