Little Things That Means Alot

These days, we tend to hear how a lot of ladies complain about being baeless, how guys of now got no game, how a guy will be showing so much care and love today, promise heaven and earth, and then for no reason he would just vanish, stop calling or checking up on you and all other bullsh.t. What I noticed is that these ladies blame everything thing and everyone but the real problem, which is themselves. Firstly, why will a brother who was showing love and care to you just stop for no reason? let me put it in a better way, do you think a brother who has been nice to you, showered you with love and affection just stop doing it FOR NO REASON? Hell to the fuccckin No! ! Even mad men have reasons behind their actions.
The reasons why this things happen to you is because of certain attitudes and behaviour you put up. There are some little things which means a lot, little things that could make all the difference. Some of these little-big things are as follows:
  1. Phone call.
    Firstly, I don’t know where you ladies learnt that it’s an abomination for a lady to call up a guy to check on every now and then. You have this guy that calls you up everyday, then one day he didn’t call, you lay back, one day turns to a week, you still layed back as a queen that you are, getting pissed at him for not calling but refusing to call to find out why or how he is doing. Are you sure everything is alright with him? Okay, for example, some years back, there was this girl, let’s call her Miss A, I chat and talk to everyday, Asin she’s the first to know when I wake up every morning.
One blessed day like that, I went to pass the night in a friend’s apartment, it was his birthday. Early in the morning, police came to raid the compound laying false accusations that they got report that some guys in the house were shooting, smoking weed etc.. you know what is expected from the worst police force in the world naw?. . So we all went to the station, wrote statement and all. Some of my friends who live in the compound were detained, so all through that day I was running around to get them released. By night, everything has been sorted out. Guess who I have been thinking of since the episode began in the morning? Miss A. So I brought out my phone, hoping to see lots of missed call or whatsapp message lol l pray. There was nothing from her. I was so irritated like imagine someone I call everyday can’t even check up on me to see if I was alright for this one day that I didn’t contact her. So I decided not to check on her and see how this went. Ladies and gentlemen, that was how for 4 days me and my darling Miss A didn’t communicate.
On the 5th day, I decided to be the matured one and called, guess the first statement that came out her mouth ‘i think you don’t want to talk to me again ‘ saying she used to see me come online on WhatsApp and not message her ?.. This was the moment I understand when guys say some women have nothing to offer. Asin when guys say this, it’s not like they are expecting money or one big thing from you, they just need a little care from you, they need you to show them affection the way they show you. They need you to make them know that you appreciate them in your life. Like Miss A, for instance, so she’s been noticing come online but didn’t notice the day I was offline for the whole day bah?? Plus what stop her from reaching out to me like I have always done to her when she saw me online? ?
Later she would join the band wagon of how a guy that use to show care just stopped for no reason. Na so?
Still on phone call, not returning phone calls is not an issue to most guy’s. We are already kinda used to it, what become an issue is when we call or show care and you do not appreciate it and in the process make us feel stupid. For example, there was this girl some years back, let’s call her Miss B, I can be on the phone with her and then another call comes in, she would just put me on hold without an excuse, or say something like call me back then hang up my call. Now, that’s very rude, imagine a guy doing that to a lady, you girls would be very irritated bah? Nice. Moving on, I call back, then try to explain to her how that was very wrong.
Common I’M SORRY would have changed everything but hell no, a lady is not supposed to say those words to a man. Maintain your ground. You are a queen ?. She start aguring on how I like to make an issue on nothing. It’s hard for someone who doesn’t see whats wrong in what he or she is doing to take correction. I noticed then too that when I call her and the call is on waiting, she put that call on hold and answer mine. Now, me and every other guy that feel disrespected with such act would stop calling her, she would now go about ranting about how we stopped showing care for no reason.
Another thing is that ‘call me back, I’m busy’ phrase. It doesn’t make any sense. Is it that you think the guy doesn’t have work? So he should be calling you back every 5 minutes to find out if you are not busy bah?? The right thing to say is ‘I’m busy now, will let you know when I’m free ‘ or ‘pls call me back in an hour or so and so time’. That’s how to make someone feel appreciated. No guy would continue showing care and affection if he feels his efforts are not appreciated. Just like the way some girls were complaining that we should not ask them how was their night, this same girls will still later come to complain about how uncaring we are when we stop asking ??
2. Date.When someone ask you on a date, the probability of such person asking you again in future depends on the way you answer him. For example, I ask you on a date and you just say NO without giving some type of explaining why, or you give a reason and the reason sounds so dumb.
Lai lai, nothing on this earth would make me ask you out again except you bring it up yourself, and probability of that happening is 0.0000 percent because Nigeria ladies are queens, how do you expect a queen to ask you out on date??. The point I’m trying to make here is that when declining a date, use your head expecially if you want the person to ask you again in future. Abi how would you ladies feel when you come down your high horse and ask a guy out and the guy decline in an irritating manner? Exactly. Stop doing things that you can not take to others.
Heaven won’t fall if you say something like, ”I would really like to but I can’t now, why can’t we do it so and so time”. This is how you appreciate a gesture. Some of you will decline anyhow, when the guy now vanish, they will start updating silly quotes to console themselves like, ”a guy that really care about you will not go no matter how much you push him away ??”
I see you still updating that quote in 5 years time after chasing all of the guys away. If you like don’t change. My sweet cousin was reporting a guy to me ”Dante can you believe because he asked me out just once and I said no, he didn’t ask me again ” this was how I was laughing at her ?????. I hope she has leant from that though.
3. Chatting.They say Nigerian girls don’t chat, they only reply. No wahala, you people shouu continue replying, expecially those one words reply. You will be chatting with a girl and the only reply she would be giving you is ”Hmmm, no, yes, fine, kk, lol”.
You will ask someone how she spent her day and she will say fine. You people shouu continue. You think that one too is shakara bah???no wahala. We will see who will do shakara last last.
  1. Friend zoning.
    Some girls actually use this thing to brag lol. Like it increases their value or money in their account. It has gotten worse since news came out that Banky W was friend zoned by Adesua for 3 years. Now every girl want to do more lol continue playing yourself.
You will not see the one that Adesua already has a career, you won’t see the one that she had her masters from the UK, you won’t see that she dresses decent, you won’t see that she graduated with distinctions, it’s only the something that is not an achievement that you want to copy. You that is olodo rabata slay queen, who have time to be wasting with you for 3 years. You will be doing useless shakara to someone that wants to help and upgrade your life. Continue ?
  1. Thank you and I’m sorry.
    Stop feeling entitled to anything you didn’t work for. Appreciate little effort anyone makes for you. Apologies when you are wrong. This two words alone can make some of us fall stupidly in love like mumu and will start begging for your hands in marriage.
Be wise.

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