Phone calls are so awkward

‪Phone calls are so awkward. ‬
Each time a call comes in without prior notice from the caller I have mild panic attacks. Sometimes I watch it ring and once it stops I am back to what the caller interrupted me from doing on my phone.
Then there’s this nonsense when a strange or hidden number calls me and expects me to speak up first. We’ll both be listening to the sound of our breaths until the caller decides to behave like an adult.
The worst is giving out my number without notice. 
It’s disrespectful and the person guilty of this with the other party is getting block if they have nothing meaningful to say. No need calling me to play that game of, “So you don’t know who is talking or you don’t remember my voice. ”
My default response is the red key.
Those who take your number from a WhatsApp Group to call without any formal introduction lack home training.
If its not a business conversation, I think there are just like eight people on earth I am usually happy they pick up when I call.
When I call others for nothing important and it gets unanswered I just thank God the missed call I have given them has fulfilled all righteousness that I care. 
And truly I do, but not just by phone calls.
The major downside to this part of me is I tend to think everyone finds phone calls as intrusive as I do. 
This means I don’t go about calling people I am dying to speak with on phone and this kinda sucks.

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