Respect is reciprocal

I hate it when elderly people use their age as an avenue to act like an asshole.I was at the counter of a shipping company waiting to pick up a parcel when an elderly woman walked in to send a parcel. She began exchanging pleasantries with the man who was to attend to me while I waited patiently.
It wasn’t until I observed closely that I realised she was being attended to.
“But I came in first.” I said to the man.
He said, “Ma binu, I will do her own quick quick. Please just…”
“Oga dey do your thing jare. No mind am.” This woman cut in and hissed maliciously.
“Madam, this man is meant to attend to me before you. Neither of you asked for my permission yet you are telling him he owes me no explanation.” I said to her.
“Did you come in before me? Did you?” She asked. 
I ignored her. My attention was on the staff attending to her who was calling for his colleague to bail him. I would have quietly left and never returned if they didn’t have my parcel with them.
“I am talking to you and you are frowning your face.” She said. “All these small girls that don’t have respect.”
“Madam, I am not disrespecting you. Even if I were, you are the one who deserves no respect.” I said.
“You are stupid.” She said. 
Now she was raising her voice. “See this small boy talking to me like I am his mate. I have a son your age at home.”
“And I have a mother your age who does not go about acting like you.”
What followed next were curses from her in Igbo language while the staff were trying to calm her. 
That was their business anyway because i had already zoned out following my last statement.
I think this thing is a Nigerian thing. Some elderly people jump queues at shopping malls and ATMs. They talk down on young people for no reasons and even go as far as raising their hands on them yet they believe those they offend have no right to confrontations simply because they are not of a certain age. 
I do not subscribe to that because I consider myself respectful of all ages and I demand same be accorded after all respect is earned.

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