8 Impressive Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Written and Published by Adebusoye Adeleke 1st August. 2019 06.30 GMT

This Article is coming inlieu of an after thought on the daily life and day to day activities of humans.

Countless times,we see people exhibiting some form of behaviour and we tend to look into the fact that does this behaviour align with the normal way of life? or does this behaviour suit the laid down rules of life?.

He or she is the only one that knows how to talk while the rest are dummies.He or she is good when it comes to downgrading and shouting at people thereby reducing their self esteem.

Are you the type that believe its every man or woman you see that you must have sex with?forgetting that there are some holes you penetrate that you might either not come out alive or your destiny might be destroyed spiritually just within few minutes of pleasure?

Or are you the type that believe in greed?all the money goes into your pocket.Funds meant for five people have been diverted and siphoned by you alone and now,you live the life of affluence while your colleagues live in abject poverty.

Are you the type of lady that deceives men up and down? claiming to be in love just for the material gains and for your selfish interest?

Are you the type that turn your wife into a punching bag? there is nothing she does right in your presence.All you do is to subject her to a life of ridicule and torture.

Having itemized all of the aforementioned,it would be pertinent for me at this juncture to say that if you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions,then you are a pepper and so shall your reward come like the story of Nicodemus in the Bible.

It was a case of a prominent man in Ondo ,All he does was to have sex with the creamiest,the sweetest,and the most beautiful set of ladies in a renowned university (Adeyemi College of Education).

At times,when I look at the heap of ladies he frolics with,I began to wonder whether he dosen't get tired of sex.

I personally can categorically tell you that there is hardly in a week that he wont have sex with fifteen different ladies.He changes ladies every day like a nurse on duty or a Taxi Cab man picking up and dropping off passengers.

And so its true of the saying that 'what is sweet do kill at times', A man that was seen on Monday morning was no more on Wednesday evening.

It was reliably gathered that he died naked inside the room on the bed with all windows and doors open.We should be sure he died on top of a woman.This man is a typical example of Mr Pepper.

A lady that keeps numerous boyfriends and pretends to be loyal and faithful to the person she is dating is another example of Mrs Pepper.Such a lady is ready to sleep with any type of man so far he can offer her money,whether a Lame,deaf and dump man dosen't matter to her so far the tiny rope in between the man's leg is working and he can offer her money for the service rendered.

These types of ladies are the ones we will see in Sunday school class during Sunday service ,but become Eru Iku (Prostitute) after church.

Gone are those days when friendship is so interesting,but nowadays,all we have is fake friends.When they are nobody or nothing,you are their best friend.But when they achieve just a little,they thrash you out like waste in dustbin.These types of friends are typical example of Mr Pepper.

A lady that always want her guy to give her money,but never make it upon herself to appreciate her guy is another typical example of Mrs pepper.

Having perused through this article,I want you to search your heart.If truly you are a pepper,please do have a rethink because the end leads to DOOM !

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