Written and Published by Adebusoye Adeleke 10th October, 2020 11.00 GMT

As I pen down my heartfelt grievances,I weep.I weep not because I chose to.I weep not because I feel its  the most important thing to do at this moment.

I only weep because of the generation unborn,I weep at the fact that innocent souls have gone,long forgotten as a result of the nations sheer carelessness.

I may not have witnessed centuries ago,but over the few decades that I have been alive and witnessed,it has been war,killings,fear of tomorrow and the unknown.

On daily basis,we see people kill one another,if its not  some people waging war against another,it would be some people in black uniform wasting precious lives.

Human lives doesn't matter anymore.Everybody wants to survive,we all want to live above our means,thus engaging in all forms of social vices.

A system whereby the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,the riches and funds that is only circulated in few hands were hijacked and siphoned by the people we trusted with the mantle of leadership.The poor are being oppressed on daily basis.

It saddens my heart that even the so called "giant" of Africa is no more giant.Freedom of individuals have been truncated.You are not free to express yourself.If you dare speak up,you will be arrested and tried at the court of law.The same rule of law we created is working against Us.

At times,I sit and brood on the fact that why is the foremost country that is meant to lend to other nations of the world still wallows in abject poverty.

It saddens my heart that as a youth,there hasn't been any form of meaningful development in my beloved nation Nigeria.

"Where are the beautiful ones"? Please I ask again, "Where are the beautiful ones"

If you have been given birth to and still hiding,Please kindly come to the rescue of our beloved nation.

If you are in the grave,please come for a total savage of our beloved nation!!

We live each and everyday like there is no hope of a better tomorrow. People are dying on daily basis as a result of the problems we orchestrated by ourselves.

Where are the saviour??please come to our rescue,we are dying!!.Enough is Enough!! for how long shall we continue to be fooled?? for how long shall we continue to live like this??

My heart is indeed Shattered and weary.Those we reposed confidence on have failed us.Failure have engulfed and enveloped us.

No good road,No electricity,all we see is torture,killings,rape and death!!...whom have we offended or where did we get it wrong as a nation!!

Please,our saviour,I need you to rise on our behalf and liberate us.

We are not fools and we cant be fooled anymore.Please come to our rescue and deliver us from the shackles of men.

Enough is Enough!!! if you cannot manage us,Please Leave us and let the saviour spring forth and do a total revamp!!

I say No to bad Governance!,I say No to Rape! I say No to SARS!!

Please Pass it on!!

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