Drama As Mysterious Blue Light Moving Across Night Sky Sparks Speculation About Aliens (Photos)

In what will come across as a rather startling development, a mysterious blue light seen in the night sky.

The light has got people speculating across Gloucestershire, UK.

The ethereal glow has been spotted moving across the clouds in Podsmead, Bishop's Cleeve, Kingsway, Northway, Tewkesbury and over the M5 on Thursday, Gloucestershire Live reports.

Of course, aliens are the first explanation offered up on social media - with the odd comment about Smurfs, Brexit and Father Christmas checking if people are obeying Covid rules.

Some people said that, given the kind of year we've had, it's unlikely to be anything good.

The likely explanation to these blue lights - which are seen every now and then over Gloucestershire - is more down to earth and definitely nothing to worry about.

Because, as suggested by some people tonight, the lights are probably linked to a specialist railwork repairs train from Network Rail.

These 'tamping trains' are laser-guided, and that could be the explanation for the blue light.

A Network Rail spokesperson said in the past of these trains: "Tampers and stoneblowers are track maintenance machines that make sure the track is correctly aligned and has a smooth level along the rail.

"They help to prevent the risk of trains derailing, and ensure smooth, comfortable journeys for passengers and freight trains.
"These machines generally work at night when no passenger trains are running."

"The cleaner uses lasers to mark out an exclusion zone for the workforce, which could be why people saw a blue light in the sky."


Source: Daily Star UK

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