The votes are for Biden but the seat is for Trump, the movie has not ended - Prophet Badu Kobi shares new vision after prophesying Trump's win earlier (videos)


The founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Badu Kobi has shared his new vision after prophesying earlier that President Donald Trump will win his re-election campaign. 


While preaching in his church on Sunday October 4, Prophet Badu Kobi had told his congregation that there will be "no change in US presidency as Trump will sit on America’s seat again."


He said in the church service; 


“2020 no change Trump will sit on America’s seat again. American will not vote for him but he will be President. The votes that will come will be for Biden but Trump will still be President. 2016 I told you a certain nation will help Trump, the same way Trump will bulldoze his way the same way 2021 will be President. Between the two Biden is weak and Trump is strong. If a prophet tells you the angels are now discussing it’s a lie, Trump will be President”.

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