Nigerian comedian, Justin Ugonna shares more to prove that he was 'falsely accused' of having anal sex with a 14-year-old girl


Nigerian comedian, Justin Ugonna has shared more proof to counter allegations of having anal sex with a girl who was 14-year-old when they met. 


Ugonna who shared a photo of his passport to back his claim of not being in the country at the time his accuser claimed the incident happened, stated that he will be pursuing the case legally. He also revealed that 


He also revealed that he has been contacted by someone who provided more information on the intentions of some persons to fabricate the story against him. 


See his statement below; 



Twitter user, @mamiwaterr who went public with the rape allegation made against Justin also revealed that she has uncovered that it was a false alarm. 


She tweeted; 


This thread proves that Justin UG was falsely accused;

It is important to once again remind you all that there were solid snapchat screenshots. the accuser also mentioned the person that planned the party and sent me the party flyer while other people came forward to corroborate the story. It was not ever a baseless accusation.

we came forward with it genuinely wanting to bring the story to light, as it seemed feasible at the time. A formal statement will be issued soon on behalf of everyone of us who were dragged into this.

we cannot reveal the conversation JustinUG had with the Hannah in question right now. all screenshots initially presented, which seemed like solid evidence, were fabricated.



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