Stingy men turn me off – Nollywood actress, Ebun Hodo


During the week Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN), trended on social media and a lot of Nigerian men joined  the movement with Don Jazzy as their president.

Well, Nollywood actress, Ebun Hodo has said that those kind of men who are not generous with their money turn her off.

Hodo said this in an interview with Inside Nollywood.

“I’m a very romantic girl that’s why stingy men turn me off. For me, I’d advise every girl out there seeking for rich men to have a rethink. These men are getting wiser by the day. Young woman, go and hustle, there’s this fulfilling thing with having your own money then your husband or boyfriend’s own would be an addition.My boyfriend or husband to-be can’t come and surprise me with a Rolls Royce just like that, I’ll strive hard to buy him a Lamborghini. Every young lady out there should hustle, in order to attract a rich man.”

The fast rising movie star also shared some of the bad habits she intends to drop this New Year.

Hear her: “I want to start responding to my social media messages, I have been ignoring that. Then this 2021, I want to cut off people who take advantage of my kindness. I’m a very cool, funny person, I don’t judge people from a far. I’m someone that could go extra mile if I like someone, I could even give you my most valuable thing, but once you take advantage of my soft spots, I cut you off and that’s it. I think I need to work on giving people second chances.”

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