The hospital kept giving false hope and deceiving us - Wife of former Military administrator, Ndubuisi Kanu, speaks on his death


Gladys Kanu, widow of a former military administrator of Lagos and Imo states, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, has blamed her husband's death on the hospital where he was being treated for COVID19.


In a chat with The Nation, Mrs. Kanu said her husband was only sick for 11 days. She accused the hospital where he died on Wednesday January 13, of giving her and her family false hopes.


According to Mrs. Kanu, she had to cancel plans to fly him out of the country to a UK hospital for treatment after the hospital staff told her that he had already recovered.

“He didn’t really have any last moment because he has never been sick all the years I’ve known him; never been in any hospital.

We used to go for check-ups near our home in London, like twice in a year, but not for him to be admitted to the hospital. He was only sick for about 11 days.

At the time I was trying to fly him abroad with an air ambulance, the hospital where he was, was telling me there was nothing serious, that he has recovered. They kept giving false hopes and deceiving us.

We got admission for him in a London hospital. We were arranging the air ambulance before they (medical personnel) said there was no need for that, that he’d recovered, only for them to send me a message yesterday (Wednesday) that he had passed on.

It wasn’t long enough. He was in the hospital for only 11 days.”she said


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