‘This guy looks like a Tiger’ – Troll mocks Mide Martins’s husband, Afeez Owo over his tribal marks

 An Instagram troll has reacted to a photo Nollyood actress, Mide Martins shared with her husband, Afeez Owo.

According to the troll, Mide’s husband, Afeez looks like a tiger due to the tribal marks on his face.

In his words;” This guy looks like a Tiger”

Some of Mide’s fans decided to act defensive by replying the troll in a nasty way.

See some of their comments below;

@omomuda1 wrote “@oladipupojegede look who is calling someone he cannot made animan. Sir werey we know is you don’t have real account but yet with this ur fake account you still saying trash about your fellow human being. Can you see by yourselves that you are license Eleribu not but a fool and most of you are the people that comes online to beg for give away. Ogun kill u there, look at his head like pot banger”

@dk__empire wrote “@oladipupojegede this is bad. Pls its not good. Delete this”

@ajokeissabae wrote “@oladipupojegede Beast of no Nation! How did your father looks like?”

@famousgirl237 wrote “@oladipupojegede hahaha! Human being, what’s your problem about him sir, are you the Lord that created him……You people better be careful of your mouth”

@naurieee wrote “@oladipupojegede this comment is horrible! How could you be so shallow-minded and disrespectful?”

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