Even If You Pay Me 1 Billion, I Will Not Be a Stay-at-Home Wife - Lady

 A woman has insisted that she will not agree to be a housewife even if she's given 1 billion.

According to the lady simply known as Nana on Twitter, she would not be a stay-at-home wife even if her hubby offers to be paying her 1 billion monthly.
She stated this in reaction to a post from a man who said he put his wife on steady salary because her job is to enjoy life and take care of the kids.
However, Nana who seemed not to subscribe to the idea, said she would want to own her own business, which is why she would not settle for such an arrangement.
In her words;
”If you like pay me 1billion every month will still work….open my own business not staying at home I will die before my time I have my own vision in life”

She added; ”The reason so many of them are in abusive marriage but without the man you’re nothing anyway he feels like he throw you out of the street. Men respect women that can earn and help out”
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