Mercy Aigbe sips tea, reacts as Iyabo Ojo makes mockery of her new range rover (Watch)


Actress cum business woman Mercy Aigbe has indirectly responded to the subs that actress and single mum, Iyabo Ojo threw at her hours ago on Instagram.

Delekesblog recalls that Iyabo Ojo dragged her colleague, Mercy Aigbe on Saturday for lying about being gifted a range rover as a show of some competition of some sort especially coming after Iyabo Ojo was given hers a few months before.

According to the mother of two, being in a competition with someone is toxic and stressful. Adding that its old fashioned lacking peace of mind because of competition.

In her words;

“Nothing beats being yourself! there is nothing more toxic and stressful than trying to compete… honestly, it’s getting old. Do you!!! O my! shit just got real…Thank God for peace of mind”

Reacting to Iyabo Ojo’s subs, Mercy Aigbe shared a video of herself sipping tea from her cup as a sign of not being disturbed about the former’s post.

Minutes ago, she also shared a video of herself walking gallantly into her car with the caption “Agbeke Aya ‘D’ Owner serving major Rich Aunty Vibezzz “

The mature reaction has since garnered accolades from her fans and followers on Instagram.

One Temitope wrote “It is the levels and maturity for me.”

One Becky wrote “Way too big to reply to rubbish…it’s the levels for me”

One Shindara wrote “Oya oooo my mama don enter her range oooo scatter every were mama u look amazing show them who is boss my sweet sweet itohan”

One Mercy wrote “God, Thank you for making mama strong in who she is. She’s known & loved deeply by You. She don’t have to look for validation or base her worth on other people’s opinions. Through you, she’s secured, valued, & made whole. Her fulfillment isn’t found in things..”

Iyabo Ojo and Mercy Aigbe who have both graced TV screens of movie lovers over the years, were once good friends and have become prominent personalities in their rights.

The fantastic thing about these Nollywood actresses, Mercy Aigbe and Iyabo Ojo, is that their birthdays are marked 11 days apart.

However, they have been locking horns in a cold rivalry war over the years, and this became visible to their fans after Iyabo celebrated her last birthday.

When Iyabo celebrated her birthday in December 2020, Mercy Aigbe failed to send a birthday shoot-out; however, despite the silent war Iyabo Ojo surprised many fans by celebrating Mercy on her birthday, 1st January 2021.

Also, Mercy Aigbe was conspicuously absent at the burial of Iyabo Ojo’s late mum. Most of their colleagues condoled with Iyabo on social media over her mum’s death, but Mercy never did.

Recently Mercy Aigbe was gifted a Range Rover by an online vendor a month after her birthday.

As the social media went buzzing with congratulatory messages, Iyabo Ojo snubbed Mercy. Instead, she took to her Instagram page to shade the actress, stating that competing with someone is toxic and stressful.

Meanwhile, these two actresses, ironically, have some things in common, they were once married and are both single mothers, and they are both blessed with two kids.

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