When you are married to a plate of pepper soup


Written and Published by Adebusoye Adeleke 17th February,2021 GMT  05.00

I cannot date him! He is not my type! I dont care how long it will take me to settle down so far I get the best of them all.

Do you have a car?? What is your annual income?What will you become in the next 3 years?? Where do you base?? Who are your parent??

I feel puzzled each time I come across ladies that select men for marriage.Indeed,nobody want to date a beginner.All most ladies  nowadays crave for is an already made man,forgetting and not minding where such a man gets his money.

Indeed,like they say,we are in the 21st century,everything have  changed.Its now a world where ladies date a man old enough to be their father or grandfather all in the name of true love and they derive pleasure in doing it.

It is a case of a very beautiful young lady who rejected  numerous proposal of young hardworking boys.

She rejected several poor guys who threw love advances at her and this was backed up with a lot of reason  best known to her.

According to her,she complained that one of the guys that approached her came with an old model mercedes Benz car,so she declined his offer.

Few months later,another guy approached her and she declined his offer.The excuse she gave was that he has a bald head.

 She already processed it in her her mind that she wants the creamiest and the best of them all,but alas! at a point in her life,she began to fade up in beauty and menopause set in (already approaching age 50).

It was at that point it dawned on her that she had wasted her years selecting the best among her suitors.

Few years after,I stumbled on her wedding invitation and to my greatest surprise,she married a 70year old man,a divorcee who already has six children out of wedlock.

And just at exactly four years after the glamorous wedding between she and the man,the wedding hit the rock on the ground of barreness and persistent sickness on her part.As I speak,she now lives with her mother.

Dear Ladies,it will cost you nothing to live a decent life.Always remember that not all that glitters is gold.Life is filled with ups and downs.

Learn to embrace hardwork and never be down with a man's pocket for financial gains all in the name of love.

Support your man,encourage him,pray for him and remember that it is good to wait on God's time.God Never fails.

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