Instead of praying to God for a rich man, pray to him to make you rich- Billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji advises young ladies

Ace Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has taken to social media to advise young women who pray to marry rich men.  

The mother of one via her Instagram talked about how young ladies should focus on being their boss rather than praying to marry rich men. According to Linda, young women should find and fight for their dreams rather than praying to get a rich man. 

Linda Ikeji took to her verified Instagram page with over 6.2 million followers and wrote:

”Dear young lady, instead of praying to God for a rich man to locate you, why don’t you pray to God to make you a ‘rich man’? Because what happens if the rich man leaves? 😭😭 you start hustling for another one? C’mon, that’s too much stress 😅.

Start now at 17, 18 to find and fight for your dreams. Work your butt off to be rich. And work your butt off some more to stay rich. Its a bladdy, amazing place to be! 😋😎 Happy New week! 😘

P.S; A rich man will eventually locate us sha …as a bonus”

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