"It's sad to stay without almighty Germany" - Nigerian man laments as he marks two years since his deportation


A Nigerian man, Prince Clement Egbule from Rivers state, has expressed his frustration with life as he marks two years since he was deported from Germany. 


Egbule, who currently lives in Libya, said that he was deported from Germany in March 25, 2019.


According to him, living in the war-torn country is difficult especially after having experienced life in Europe. 



"Today making it 2 years Germany deported me back to Africa Nigeria, 25 march 2019 from Frankfurt airport Germany flight moved 10:30am and arrived in Lagos airport Nigeria 5:30pm, its very sad moment and memory to stay without almighty Germany." he wrote. 


"Today is my sad day, but God is my strength, God will see me through all my difficulties. Staying in Libya after experiencing the life of Europe especially Germany Is very very much difficult to live life, it's frustrating and miserable, I pray God should help me out."



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