Popular Nollywood Actress' Husbands New Side Chic Says She Visits Him At Home For The 'Do' And Gives Him The Thumbs Up


A very popular Nollywood actress' husband's new Moroccan side chic who looks like a more beautiful version of the actress has whispered to her olofofo friends how she has visited him twice at home for the do....

She whispered that the serial lover boy does not take women to hotels but rather invites them home and says she has run into the Nollywood actress twice in the Abuja home and the actress was courteous to her and could not do any drama but rather looked sad.

She told friends ''He is into much into the do but will use his tongue to lick you for hours and tell you to scream he is good and beg you to cry for him whilst he is at it...'' The harder and louder you cry,the more you will be rewarded.

She says she is not the only one and that he is VERY generous and only gifts Dollars when he is done...She says he is crazy about light skinned Ladies and that he does not make it a secret that he will marry more wives and all his side chics are welcome to his home...''

The Young Moroccan beauty says oga serial lover is very jealous and once he likes you he warns you not to date anyone else and is ready to do your bidding just to keep you Faithful but moves on to the next once he has secured your loyalty and promise not to two time him 

 WOW.............. The only thing one has to be scared of in this case is that mouth going round licking and kissing, ewwwwww!!!

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