Saturday In House Gists - Early Marriage Or Late Marriage


Do you think it is better to marry early or Marry late?... Or just sit back and wait?

Some people are presently under pressure to Marry and the people pressuring them come with reasons like ''Marry now before you get to the age where conceiving will be difficult...If you start now you can enjoy your kids......''

Others are mature and are being told ''Now is the right time to marry cos you have a lot of experience and will handle kids and Marriage better''

Some married early and couldn't cope and some married late and still couldn't cope....
I am of the school of thought one should marry when the time is right..... Now brings me to ask what time is the right time?

Did you marry early or late ? Do you support early or late Marriages?
Any stories to tell?
 Are you under pressure? Or just in a mad rush to change your status and have kids?
Lets gist!

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