I will be a Soldier for You........(A Letter to Anonymous)

Picture Used for Illustrative purpose

Its a Calm day.......

A cool Morning.....When The birds are up in the skies,the dawn is approaching.

The Long battles are Won!

If they want to be the Pharaoh,If they want to be the Judas,I cannot Lay low coz I am already a soldier for you.

They dont know what is going on,of course they dont know coz I will be right beside you like the wall of Jericho.

Your beauty radiates everyday such that it melts my heart.

The beauty is unfathomable

I know the time that I am out of control,you never let me go

If you know that I got you,I definitely know that you got me too.

Whenever I am looking for trouble,it is because I know that I have you (My prayer warrior).☺☺☺

You are like a diamond,the most valuable asset any man could ever have.

Fate brought us together again.

It is for these reason that I openly proclaim that 'I will be a soldier for you,and just to let you know that I am getting better in KUNFU!!

I love you soo much my Sweet Yellow Madam.I hope this Letter gets to you before anybody intercepts it.........


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